A Local Legacy

Set on 226 acres of former farmland with protected mountain and forest views all around, Roo Mountain Vineyards is a celebration of both the beauty of the Blue Ridge foothills and the warm hospitality and community that surround it. Every corner of Roo Mountain today has been intentionally crafted to share that same beauty and hospitality with each of our guests.

The property currently encompasses the vineyard under cultivation as well as our 12,000 square foot winery, barrel room and rooftop garden tasting bar with idyllic scenic views. Our second phase of construction is currently underway and will add a main tasting room as well as an outdoor amphitheater which will play host to live music and other events.

About Us

Roo Mountain’s founders are long time residents of the Blue Ridge Mountains, having spent years running a local business before ultimately deciding to pursue their passion in creating a vineyard. Inspired by their own love of good wine, good music and good company, they purchased the property that would become Roo Mountain in 2018 and began the meticulous process of planning and planting, all the while working to make Roo Mountain a luxurious yet comfortable and inviting destination where they can share their love of the craft and the community.

Our Wines

Two years of planning and soil testing went into creating Roo Mountain’s vineyard. The first block of Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes were planted in 2020 and first harvested in 2021.

Today, Roo Mountain has 6,000 vines under cultivation on 6 acres, all on a VSP or Vertical Shoot Positioned trellis system. Roo Mountain offers a robust selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wines as well as hard ciders all produced onsite by our own vineyard team.

Why Roo?

The emblem of Roo Mountain is, of course, a rooster. But why? The land that is now Roo Mountain Vineyard, like much of the surrounding area, was once home to the Cherokee Nation. In seeking to honor the history of the place, we looked to the Native American tradition which reveres many types of birds. According to some traditions, the rooster is regarded as a spiritual guide teaching us the lesson of using one’s voice for the greater good. It also often seen as a symbol of the sun, resurrection and protection as the herald of dawn and the start of a new day.

As it happens, there were just two farm inhabitants left behind when the owners purchased the Roo Mountain property in 2018 – a rooster and a hen! The pair lived out their days on the farm as the original mascots for Roo Mountain Vineyards.

The Roo Crew


Robert Loomis


When Robert began his career in the wine world, he remembers his first mentor telling him, “It’s not as glamorous as you think!”. Good thing this guy doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. As Roo Mountain’s self-proclaimed “Maker of the Purple Stuff”, Robert’s love of winemaking is born of ultimately being able to share that bottle of wine which will bring many fond memories, smiles and close friendships. He considers it an honor to be entrusted with the fruit that the vineyard team has worked so diligently to produce and to craft from it something that is perfect for everyone to enjoy.

Eraldi Trifka


As Roo Mountain’s Vineyard Manager, or “Grape Whisperer” as he likes to think of it, Eraldi knows that providing constant care and attention is essential for producing the highest quality grapes possible. Over his six years in Viticulture, he has developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of grape cultivation beyond just the harvest season and surface-level beauty. Despite whatever challenges Mother Nature may throw his way, he takes great satisfaction in continually learning and adapting to the changing conditions of the vineyard and in knowing that his efforts in the vineyard are transformed into the wine that guests enjoy. Also, full disclosure: he prefers to whisper to those grapes in Albanian to prevent anyone from stealing secret information.

Caitlin Putnam


Joining the team in 2022, Caitlin is a graduate of Armstrong State University with a B.S. in Biology. Being in the restauraunt industry for over 10 years, she acquired a taste for winemaking and feels incredibly lucky to start this new journey with Roo as Assistant winemaker. She is constantly learning and trying to help in every aspect of the winery and vineyard. Caitlin also enjoys volunteering her free time to wildlife education and rehabilitation.